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I'm Phil Cancel, the owner and operator of JCT Motorsports racing school.  I've been racing modifies',  pro stocks and street stocks for more than 55 years.  I've learned from some of the best in the business and now I want to help YOU become a champ.  I've helped teams and race track promoters win championships.  

You race cars to win and you want to put on a good show for your sponsors and the fans.

Proven Theory is the key to a good chassis set up.  JCT's Hands On Seminars will teach you that Theory.  You'll learn what works and why.  You'll have all the tools and skills you need to set up your car properly every time!

Excellence is never an accident.

Auto Racing is a very competitive sport. You need every edge to put you ahead of the competition.  Our seminars teach you the skills you need to perform better on the track, put on a better show and save valuable time and money.  Learn your car inside and out and optimize your teams performance. 

Race car set up and squaring a race car is the key to winning.  A proper set up can only be done if a car is Square, with all 4 wheels working in the same direction.  This is necessary for consistent and predictable handling. This is what our seminars teach so that you perform better and put on a good show. 


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